Haul A Day Food Drive Brings In Thousands In Donations

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 11:32 AM

The ninth annual Haul A Day Food Drive was a success.

South Shore Paramedics, Bridgewater Police Service and Lunenburg County RCMP filled the back of an ambulance full of food last weekend for those in need.

A total of $1,875 was raised in cash, and just over $7,000 worth of food was donated.

Paramedic Nicole Monaghan says it's makes first-responders season a little better as well.

"It's really nice for us because most of the time, when we see people, it's not generally a happy time," she says.

"So this is a fun way for us to give back to the community and give back for a really great cause."

All of the money and food goes to the Bridgewater Interchurch Food Bank.

She says every year the food bank sees an increase in need of food donations because there is a drop-off in donations over the winter.

"And people seem to be in much more need with the cost of heating, and it's hard to have enough money for food as well," she says.

"So we just try to help them out and fill their pantry for as much of the winter as we possibly can."

Over it's course, the annual even has raised close to $60,000 for those in need over the holidays.