From Print To Podcast - Strange Stories To Be Told

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 13:04 PM

A new voice is coming to the South Shore.

Lighthouse Now is launching their new podcast called Offbeat.

Evan Bower is a reporter with Lighthouse Now and one of the producers of the podcast.

"The idea behind the podcast is, maybe these are stories that happened a long time ago and have taken on a bit of a life of their own in the community. It's something that people tell each other but not necessarily something that's been captured in the news before because they're pretty strange or quirky."

Editor and producer Emma Smith says she is excited by the types of stories they can tell.

"You know those stories that people always tell each other, that kind of take on a life of their own? Are they true, aren't they true? Let's do something on that."

Bower and Smith worked with the newspaper team to put the show together over the past few months.

They expect to have a new story available once a month.

A listening party will be held at 3:00pm this Saturday at Rime in Lunenburg where Bowers and Smith will be available to talk about their work.

*Photo credit Brittany Wentzell