On Air

Jonathan Crouse

Well, Jonathan Crouse- born and raised on the South Shore and vowed to prove I could live here without having to go work out West.  Radio announcer by day and by night I raise meat…. That’s right, beef farmer!  Initially, I got in radio because the RCMP were not accepting white males at the time and it was too expensive to become a vet, but once I got a taste of life on the air I was hooked.  I started as the cruiser guy on CKBW, then weekends lead to afternoon drive.  But when Country 100.7 came along I traded long hair for a cowboy hat and moved to where the BEST music plays.  I enjoy acting, usually it is community theatre except one big screen project and some cool stunts for “The Edge” on Haven. 

I love the outdoors and critters, people often laugh at my pet’s names like our donkey Jacques De Arse, and my bull Sonic Balls.  But then the rest of the cattle are generally dubbed names like Lean, Ribeye, and T-Bone.  Each summer we use the hayfield to stage a not-for-profit concert to promote upcoming talent, known as Riverfest.  My one wish…. World peace, no wait this is not a beauty pageant…. I would like to travel to Germany for Octoberfest since that is the homeland for both sides of my family, and I like beer. 

Thanks for letting me nudge you awake each morning on Country 100.7!

Alicia Hunter

Want to be best friends? All you need is a bottle of wine, country music, nachos, chicken wings, maybe some pizza. Really any food will do. I like food, like a lot. I pretty much think about what I'm going to have for supper, the moment I wake up until I get home after work, but in between I do enjoy listening to all the new country music released day by day, and playing it for you here on Country 100.7.  So yeah, want to be Best Friends?

You’ll find me on Country 100.7, 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday......Just bring the Merlo!!


Your Drive Home with Bill

It's Bill. Afternoon and drive time announcer. Married for close to 20 years with a daughter who is heading off to university soon. He's a self-proclaimed "crazy cat guy," Bill has 5 cats and tumbleweeds of cat hair rolling through his living room. Born in Springhill, NS, and later moving to Ontario as a Casino Manager, Bill has also traveled all over Canada and the United States as a Professional Wrestler in the late 90s and early 2000s. This "jack of all trades, master of none," is excited to set up shop on the South Shore and explore his life long passion of radio.

Join Bill daily 3 to 8 here on Country 100.7 for a blend of pop culture silliness and current events.